Wheelbarrow Walks

Hold your child’s ankles while they walk forwards. To make it easier, hold at hips or knees. Make it fun by completing an activity like a puzzle or


Lay on your stomach; put your arms straight up by your ears and then use your bum and core muscles to lift up your arms and legs to

Inchworm Walk

Begin in “bear pose” (first picture); walk your hands out to a plank position ( second picture). Then, plant your hands there and move your feet up to your

Crab Walk

Pretend your tummy is a table by lifting your bottom off the floor. Move one foot and opposite hand to move like a crab across the room forwards

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

A great idea for an engaging afternoon! Download our PDF that includes 3 different types of scavenger hunt ideas to share with your child! ABC's Scavenger Hunt Outdoor Picture Scavenger

Pictures of exercises and descriptions were taken from and modified.
Not an individualized home program. Wiggle Strong, LLC is not held liable for injury.

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